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Key Verse

Matthew 7:13-14

Additional Verses

Proverbs 16:25; John 14:6; John 10:9

Materials Needed

  • a rope or beam
  • cutout of Jesus
  • several items to represent things that might distract us from God: video game controller, books/magazines, music, cell phone, toys, friends, etc.


Two volunteers (student or another teacher) Lay the rope or beam on the floor. It may be placed in a straight line or it may be zigzagged. Along the rope, place the props that will serve as distractions from God. At the end of the rope, place the figure of Jesus. Alternatively, you could use a treasure chest or crown or something to signify the prize (eternal life) that we receive for following Jesus.

Object Lesson

The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:13-14 “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway (or path) to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. 14 But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road (path) is difficult, and only a few ever find it.”

Following Jesus is the best way to live, but it is not always easy. Did you know that we have an enemy called the devil and he wants to try to get us off of the narrow path by distracting us.

He does not want us to follow Jesus, so he will do anything he can to stop us. My friend, (fill in volunteer’s name here), believes in Jesus and he is on that narrow path that leads to Heaven. (Have the volunteer begin walking the rope).

He is doing really great following Jesus and he’s trying to honor God. Uh oh, our friend is supposed to be getting ready to go to church but he saw his video games sitting there. (Volunteer picks up the controller and starts pretending to play). Oh no, his mom is calling him to get ready for church and he won’t stop playing his video games. He’s gotten really distracted.

Let’s help him get back on the path. (Coach the class to tell him “Get back on the path”).

Ok, our friend realized that he was getting to distracted by his video games. He’s back on the path again and he’s doing good. (The volunteer now picks up a book or magazine). Our friend was doing great, but now he’s reading something and it’s a book that his parents told him not to read because he was too young for it. He’s probably going to have scary dreams now and he’s disobeying his parents.

Let’s help him get back on the path (Coach the class to tell him “Get back on the path”).

Alright he’s on that narrow path and he’s following Jesus but now he’s going for his cell phone. (Volunteer begins texting). Now he is spending so much time texting and playing games that he doesn’t have time to read his Bible or do his chores.

Get him back on track! (Coach the class to tell him “Get back on the path”).

Ok he’s gotten back on the path. But now, he starts hanging out with one of the big bullies at school. (Second volunteer is the bully and he invites him to try cigarettes after school). It sounds like our friend needs to get away from this bully. He’s spending too much time with him and he’s not a good influence on him.

Let’s help him get on the path (Coach the class to tell him “Get back on the path”). (Volunteer gets back on the path and makes it to Jesus at the end.)

Our friend made it Jesus! Let’s give him a round of applause. (Have the volunteers sit down). So our enemy the devil uses lots of things to distract us from God. He tries to get us off of the narrow path. Now, it’s ok to play video games sometimes and to use our cell phones, but when we do something that makes us disobey God or we do something so much that we don’t have time for him any more, then it’s a distraction and we need to refocus our attention on God.

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Resist the Devil

Resist the Devil

Key Verse

James 4:7

Additional Verses

1 Peter 5:8-9; Ephesians 4:27; Ephesians 6:11-12

Materials Needed

  • Pair of running shoes

Object Lesson

Many times the devil will come to tempt us. He will put bad thoughts in our minds. He will try to get us to do things that don’t please God. He will try to discourage us. He will try to tell us that God does not love us. Whenever we get thoughts like these we need to recognize that it is the devil bringing those thoughts.

The Bible tells us in James 4:7 that we need to resist the devil and he will flee from us. How do we resist the devil? We choose to not listen to him. We quote Scripture verses that we have learned. We rebuke him and command him to leave in the name of Jesus.

(Show the running shoes.)

When we begin to quote Scriptures and use the name of Jesus the devil begins to get scared! He cannot stay around when we are speaking God’s Word and talking about Jesus. Do you know what that devil does? He grabs his running shoes and puts them on! Then he runs as fast as he can to get away from you!

That devil cannon tolerate the name of Jesus. When we resist the devil and tell him “NO” he will run away like a scared little child. He may try to discourage you, but when you rebuke him he will take off!

Whenever we feel like the devil is beginning to speak evil thoughts into our lives we need to resist him and make him put on his running shoes and flee!

Helmet of Salvation

helmet of salvation

Key Verse

Ephesians 6:17

Additional Verses

Isaiah 59:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:8

Materials Needed

  • Helmet (it can be a military helmet, knights helmet, football helmet or motorcycle helmet) or a large metal pot. Keep in mind that you may damage whatever you decide to use.
  • 2 pieces of fruit that can fit in the helmet (cantaloupe, watermelon, or even a pumpkin)
  • Hammer or sledge-hammer
  • Log on end to put the fruit on or anything that it sturdy enough to hold the fruit while it’s being smashed.


The idea is that you will take a piece of fruit and smash it. Then cover it with the “helmet” and try to smash it again, but it is protected because the helmet is covering it. Depending on the place you are presenting this in you may want to cover the floor with plastic.

Object Lesson

(Hold up the melon.)

I have a melon here and today this melon is going to represent you! In John 10:10 it says that the Devil comes to destroy you. He will put bad thoughts and temptations in your head and he will try to get you to do all kinds of bad things.

(Place the melon on the log or whatever you are using.)

So here you are minding your own business and then the devil comes to tempt you. (Pull out the sledge-hammer.) This hammer represents the devil as he comes to tempt and discourage you. (Hold the sledge-hammer high and then slam it into the melon completely smashing it.)

That didn’t work out so well for the melon did it? When the devil came with temptation it has no protection at all! Well, God wants to protect us from the attacks of the enemy. In Ephesians 6:17 we read about a piece of the Armor of God called the Helmet of Salvation.

(Take out your helmet.)

Do you know what a helmet is used for? (Wait for responses.) That’s right! It protects your head! The Bible says that we have a Helmet of Salvation and this will protect our head and mind as well. When we trust in Jesus for our Salvation we are protected from the thoughts of the evil one.

(Place the other melon on the log but this time cover it with the helmet.)

This melon is prepared for the attack of the devil now! It is covered with the Helmet of Salvation and it protected. What do you think will happen when it is attacked? Let’s see!

(Try to smash the melon again, but it is protected with the helmet. Then take the helmet off to show that the melon is still intact.)

See! The melon is fine. The helmet took the blow and protected the melon from getting hurt at all. When we are wearing the Helmet of Salvation we are protected from the thoughts and temptations that the devil sends our way. Let us put our trust in Christ and always wear the Helmet of Salvation.

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