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Pumpkin Bowling

pumpkin bowling

Materials Needed

  • Several small pumpkins
  • 10 one or two liter soda bottles filled with water

How To Play

This is as simple game that is great for a classroom or for a Fall festival.

Set up the ten soda bottles in a bowling pattern and then mark a line ten feet away. Give each player three pumpkins and they have to roll them and try to knock down all the bottles.

In a class you can play several rounds to decide who has the highest score. Or you can simply give a prize to anyone who knocks all the soda bottles down.

Wearing Masks

Mask Bible Lesson

Key Verse

Matthew 23:25-26

Additional Verses

Romans 3:23; Romans 3:10; 1 Samuel 16:7

Materials Needed

  • Masks

Object Lesson

(Come out wearing a mask.)

Have you ever worn a mask before? It can be fun to put on a mask and act like someone else. (Try on a few different masks.) Why do people wear masks? (Wait for responses.) To look like someone or something else. A mask hides what you really look like. Sometimes when people rob a bank or commit a crime they will wear a mask so no one can see what they look like.

Do you ever wear a mask? I don’t mean a real mask over your face though. Sometimes people will act a certain way so that people will think that they are better than they really are. They will come to church and say the right things, and sing loud, and act like a follower of Jesus, but it is really just a mask that they are wearing.

Jesus was upset at the Pharisees one day because they would dress fancy and act like they loved God but really they were mean and unkind to people. Jesus said in Matthew 23:25-26 that they were like a tomb or a casket that was painted to look really nice, but inside was only a skeleton! He said that they were like a cup that was nice and clean on the outside, but was really dirty on the inside.

Do you ever try to make yourself look better than you really are? Do you try to impress people? We all do this at times. But God wants us to be humble. Instead of saying that we love God and other people He wants us to actually love them! We show that we love Him by our actions. By how we live.

God is not fooled by a mask. In 1 Samuel 16:7 it says that people look at the outside but God looks at our heart. Let us make sure that our actions are pleasing and honorable to God.

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Umbrella of Protection

Umbrella of Protection

Key Verse

Psalm 18:30

Additional Verses

Psalm 17:8; Psalm 91:4; Psalm 32:7

Materials Needed

  • Umbrella

Object Lesson

(Show everyone the umbrella.)

Does anyone know what this is? That’s right it is an umbrella. Do any of you have an umbrella? What we do use umbrellas for? (Wait for a response.) We use them to keep dry in the rain. More specifically we use them for protection.

An umbrella can protect us from the rain, sleet, snow, or you can even use it on a bright sunny day as protection from the sun. The umbrella covers you when you are in bad weather and it protects you from all kinds of things.

In Psalm 18:30 it says that God is like a strong tower and he protects us and keeps us safe. God is like an umbrella for us. He covers us and keeps us safe. What kinds of things do you think God keeps us safe from? (Wait for responses.) Keeps us safe driving. Keeps us healthy. Keeps us safe from storms. He keeps us safe from all kinds of things!

Whenever we go out in the rain and we need to use and umbrella always remember that God is the one that keeps us safe. We can always run to him and find shelter and safety from whatever things we face in our life. When He is protecting us we do not need to be afraid or scared of anything!

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Calming our Fears

Teddy Bear

Key Verse

Isaiah 41:10

Additional Verses

2 Timothy 1:7; Psalm 56:3; Deuteronomy 31:6; Psalm 34:4; 1 John 4:18

Materials Needed

  • Teddy bear
  • Blanket
  • Money

Object Lesson

We all face things in our lives that cause us to be afraid and full of fear. God doesn’t want us to be afraid, but sometimes we let ourselves slide into fear. Have you ever been afraid before? Tell me about a time when you were afraid. (Wait for responses.)

What are some things that comfort us when we are afraid? What things do you hold on to when you are scared? (Wait for response.)

(Hold up the teddy bear.)

Do you think this will help you when you are afraid? Well, some people like to hold a stuffed animal when they are afraid, but I don’t think it would really help protect you very much.

(Hold up the blanket.)

How about this blanket? Have you ever hid under the blankets when you are afraid of a storm or something? It might comfort you a little bit, but I don’t think it will really keep you very safe.

(Hold up some money.)

How about this money? Did you know that many people think that having money will keep them safe and secure. They think that they can handle anything as long as they have money. Money might be able to help you with some things, but it really can’t protect you and keep you safe.

There is someone who can keep you safe and comfort you. In Isaiah 41:10 we see that God doesn’t want us to be afraid because He is with us! He says that He will give us strength to overcome the things that we face.

So when we are scared and afraid let’s not hold a teddy, blanket or money. Instead let us put our faith and trust in God and hold the One who says He will give us the strength that we need.

Power of Fear

Fear Object Lesson

Key Verse

2 Timothy 1:7

Additional Verses

1 John 4:4; Romans 10:17; 1 John 4:18; John 14:27; Luke 10:19; Micah 3:8

Materials Needed

  • Voodoo doll, or small kids doll
  • Needles

Object Lesson

(Hold up the doll and the needles.)

Many people around the world believe in something called voodoo and that if you take a silly little doll called a voodoo doll and poke it with needles that you can actually hurt your enemy. Many people actually believe this, and maybe you have even heard about it before? Some people live in fear that someone will try to harm them with a little silly doll and some needles. Well, I am here to say that you don’t need to be afraid of it!

The Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:7 that God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Some people will say that voodoo really works, but it doesn’t! I will tell you what works. Fear works! When you are afraid of something, like voodoo, it can begin to control you. Voodoo doesn’t really have any power over you unless you are afraid of it and then let the fear control you.

God’s Word says in 1 John 4:4 that the power of God is greater in us than any other power in the whole world! When you have the power of God in your life, no spell, hex or voodoo doll can do ANYTHING to you. The devil is powerless over you. The only power that the devil really has over you is that he can plant fear in your head. If you start to think about those fears it will make you afraid. When you believe bad things will happen to you, it actually starts to come true.

Instead we need to think about Good things. We need to build up our faith! The Bible teaches us in Romans 10:17 that faith comes from hearing God’s word. When we have faith we believe in God that He will take care of us, and our fear will disappear!

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Cross-O-Lantern Pumkpin

Pumpkin with Cross

Key Verse

John 8:12

Additional Verses

John 12:46; John 9:5; Psalm 18:28; Acts 13:47; Isaiah 60:1

Materials Needed

  • Pumpkin
  • Candle. Should be a candle that is sturdy
  • Matches or lighter


Cut the top off of the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds like you are making a jack-o-lantern. Carve a cross on one side of the pumpkin.

Object Lesson

(Start the lesson with the pumpkin facing the audience and the cross turned towards you.)

Usually around Halloween people like to celebrate scary and spooky things like ghosts, witches and monsters. What time of day do people generally say that these spooky things come out? At night! In the darkness. We know that these things are not real, but sometimes they still scare us. When people do evil things they will often do it in the darkness so that no one will see what they are doing.

When Jesus came He called us out of the darkness. He doesn’t want us to be filled with sin. He doesn’t want us to put our attention on scary things. In John 8:12 Jesus says that He is the light of the world and if you follow Him you won’t have to walk in darkness because you have the light that leads to life.

(Take the top off the pumpkin.)

Our lives often feel kind of like this pumpkin. Empty and dark inside. But Jesus wants to fill us with His light. (Light the candle and put it inside the pumpkin.)

Now the pumpkin is filled with the light and love of Christ. It is a very exciting thing when Christ fills us. We don’t feel empty any longer.

Now that we are full of His light, God doesn’t want us to just keep it to our self. He wants us to let His light shine through us.

(Turn the pumpkin around so everyone can see the cross and the light shining out.)

He wants us to shine the light of Jesus and the sacrifice that He made on the cross. When we allow God’s love and light to shine through us we are bringing light and hope to a very dark world.