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Calming our Fears

Teddy Bear

Key Verse

Isaiah 41:10

Additional Verses

2 Timothy 1:7; Psalm 56:3; Deuteronomy 31:6; Psalm 34:4; 1 John 4:18

Materials Needed

  • Teddy bear
  • Blanket
  • Money

Object Lesson

We all face things in our lives that cause us to be afraid and full of fear. God doesn’t want us to be afraid, but sometimes we let ourselves slide into fear. Have you ever been afraid before? Tell me about a time when you were afraid. (Wait for responses.)

What are some things that comfort us when we are afraid? What things do you hold on to when you are scared? (Wait for response.)

(Hold up the teddy bear.)

Do you think this will help you when you are afraid? Well, some people like to hold a stuffed animal when they are afraid, but I don’t think it would really help protect you very much.

(Hold up the blanket.)

How about this blanket? Have you ever hid under the blankets when you are afraid of a storm or something? It might comfort you a little bit, but I don’t think it will really keep you very safe.

(Hold up some money.)

How about this money? Did you know that many people think that having money will keep them safe and secure. They think that they can handle anything as long as they have money. Money might be able to help you with some things, but it really can’t protect you and keep you safe.

There is someone who can keep you safe and comfort you. In Isaiah 41:10 we see that God doesn’t want us to be afraid because He is with us! He says that He will give us strength to overcome the things that we face.

So when we are scared and afraid let’s not hold a teddy, blanket or money. Instead let us put our faith and trust in God and hold the One who says He will give us the strength that we need.

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Down on Your Luck

Down on Your Luck Joke

A man named Joe finds himself deep in debt. His business is broke and he’s in serious financial trouble. He is so desperate that he decides to ask God for help.

He kneels to pray, “God, please help me. I’ve lost my business and if I don’t get some money, I’m going to lose my house as well. Please let me win the lotto.”

Lotto night comes he doesn’t win.

Joe prays again, “God, please let me win the lotto! I’ve lost my business, my house and I’m going to lose my car as well”.

Lotto night comes and once again Joe still doesn’t win.

Again, Joe prays, “God, why have you abandoned me?? I’ve lost my business, my house, and my car. My wife and children are starving. I don’t usually ask you for help and I have always been a good servant to you. PLEASE just let me win the lotto this one time so I can get my life back in order.”

Suddenly there was a flash of light and Joe hears the voice of God, “Joe, meet Me halfway on this. Buy a ticket!”

Same Measure You Used

Same Measure You Used

Key Verse

Luke 6:38

Additional Verses

Acts 20:35; Proverbs 11:24-25; Matthew 6:21; 2 Corinthians 9:6

Materials Needed

  • Small measuring cup (1 cup)
  • Large measuring cup (several cups)
  • Large pot or barrel

Object Lesson

Once up a time a king decided that he wanted to see how generous the people of his kingdom were. So the king dressed like a poor man and went into the countryside.

He came to a home and he knocked on the door. A man came to the door and the king kindly held asked, “May I have some rice to feed myself and my family?”

The man at the door took a few moments and then agreed to help. A few moments later the man returned with a small cup (show the smallest cup) of rice which he gave to the king. The king bowed and kindly thanked the fellow and went on his way.

The king came to another home, and knocked again on the door. A mother came and answered the door.  The king kindly asked, “May I have some rice to feed myself and my family?”

The woman quickly agreed and quickly went into the house. She returned a few moments later with a large scoop (show the next sized measure) full of rice which she gave to the king. The king thanked her and went on his way.

The king soon arrived at a third house and an elderly man answered the door. Once again the king asked, “May I have some rice to feed myself and my family?”

The elderly man’s eyes lit up and he quickly hobbled away. After a few minutes the man returned to the door straining to carry a very large pot (show the largest container) full and overflowing of rice. The man handed it over to the king, along with a few small coins and wished him well.

The king returned to his castle and had one of his servants go to the homes that he visited and send for them to visit the king. The servant went quickly and soon returned with the three that the king visited. The servant was instructed to lead them into his royal treasury where they would each see the container that had been used to give him the rice and that each would be able to take as much treasure as was able to fit into their measure.

How do you think the person that used the small measure felt when they entered the royal treasury?

In Luke 6:38 we are told that whatever measure we use to bless others is the same measure that God will use to bless us. Let us be generous to others so that we can receive God’s full blessing on our lives.

Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running Over

Pressed down shaken together and running over

Key Verse

Luke 6:38

Additional Verses

Acts 20:35; Proverbs 11:24-25; Matthew 6:21; 2 Corinthians 9:6

Materials Needed

  • Potato chips or box of cereal

Object Lesson

How many of you like to eat potato chips? What is your favorite kind? (Wait for responses.)

I love to eat chips, but I am always so disappointed when I open the bag. I have this huge bag of chips and I open it up (open the bag of chips and show the inside) and it is only half full! It’s like I went to buy a bag of air and I found a couple chips inside!

The Bible says in Luke 6:38 that we should give generously to others. I know that it isn’t always easy to give things away though. What are some reasons that we might not want to give things away? (Wait for some responses.) Maybe because we are afraid that we won’t have enough?

Well in that verse is says that when we give it will come back to us. But not just the same that we gave! It won’t come back like this back of chips, half empty. It will come back pressed down, shaken together and running over! Most bags of chips and boxes of cereal say “some settling may occur during shipping.” Well God doesn’t allow settling to happen during shipping. He presses our blessings down, shakes them together and adds more until it is running over!

So, whenever you feel hesitant to help someone in need or be generous, just remember that God will bless you more than you can even imagine!

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Generosity Attracts God’s Blessing

Generosity Object Lesson

Key Verse

Malachi 3:10

Additional Verses

Deuteronomy 14:22-28; Deuteronomy 15:10; Matthew 23:23; Luke 6:38

Materials Needed

  • ten $1 bills

Object Lesson

Do any of you get an allowance? What do you have to do to earn it? (Wait for responses.)

The Bible teaches us that we have to be generous with our money, but do you know what more people want to do? They want to hold on to it tightly. (Squeeze the money in one of your hands.)

They see someone in need and instead of being generous and helping them, they squeeze onto their money.

They go to church and they know God wants them to give their tithes and offerings generously, but instead they squeeze tightly onto what they have.

But there is a very big problem. See in Malachi 3:10 God says that he wants to open the windows of Heaven to bless you! Doesn’t that sound pretty amazing? Would you like God to bless you like that?

(Keep squeezing the money.)

The problem is that when God tried to bless us He can’t because our hands are closed too tightly from holding onto what we have. We are clinging so tightly to our money that God cannot bless us like he wants to.

What do we need to do to be able to get the blessings from God? We need to open our hands. (Open your hand.)

When our hands are open we are now willing to give generously to our church and to those in need. When our hands are open we are now able to fully receive the blessings from Heaven that God wants to give us.

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