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All Things Are Possible

All Things are Possible

Key Verse

Matthew 19:26

Additional Verses

Luke 18:27; Luke 1:37; Jeremiah 32:27; Mark 10:27; Philippians 4:13

Materials Needed

  • Rubik’s Cube or similar puzzle


This object lessons uses a very common 3×3 puzzle cube often known as a Rubik’s Cube. The easiest way to do this object lesson is just to show the puzzle and demonstrate how difficult it is. However, if you have time and determination you can actually learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and finish the object lesson with that.

Object Lesson

(Show the Rubik’s Cube.)

Have you ever seen one of these before? It’s called a Rubik’s Cube! It’s basically a puzzle where you try to rotate the pieces so that you end up with each side having only one color on it. It is very difficult to do and many people used to think that it was impossible to solve.

(Demonstrate trying to solve it.)

It seems like the more you twist and turn the pieces the more messed up it gets. You might get ones side fixed, but when you try to solve the next side everything gets messed up again.

In life we often face difficult situations that seem like they are impossible. It can seem like the more we try to fix things and make them better the more messed up it gets. It can be very frustrating and at times we just feel like giving up!

The Bible says in Matthew 19:26 that with God ALL things are possible! It also says in Philippians 4:13 that we can do ALL things with Christ’s help. So we may face all kinds of difficulties and problems, but instead of just trying to fix them ourselves we should pray and ask God for help.

God can and will help us in those situation and He can take even the most impossible situation and work it out.

(If you have a good story about a situation in your life that seemed impossible and God worked it out, here would be a good spot to tell it.)

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Five Finger Prayer

Bible Lesson on Prayer

Key Verse

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Additional Verses

John 15:7; Philippians 4:6; Mark 11:24; Luke 11:9; Matthew 6:6

Materials Needed

  • Your hand

Object Lesson

Have you ever started praying and then maybe you run out of things to say? Today I will teach you the 5 Finger Prayer which will help you to remember who to pray for. This way whenever you are going to pray you can just look at your hand and it will help you to remember things to pray for.


Everyone hold up your hand. The first finger we will talk about is your thumb. Did you know that your thumb is the strongest finger! It may be short but it is very strong. This finger we will use to remind us of our strong relationships like our family and friends. So the first thing we will pray for is our close friends and our family.

Pointer Finger

The next finger is our pointer finger. What do we use this finger for? We use this finger to point things out to people. When we teach we will often use it to instruct people, so this finger will represent those people that lead and teach us. Maybe for your pastor, a school teacher, a music teacher, karate instructor and anyone who teaches and leads us. We should pray that they lead us and guide us in a way that pleases God.

Middle Finger

The next finger is the middle finger. This is the tallest finger that we have and so it will represent the government, police officers, firemen and anyone is public service. We can pray for safety and wisdom for the leaders of our land. We can pray that God will help them to make decisions that glorify God.

Ring Finger

The next finger on our hand is our ring finger. This happens to be our weakest finger. This finger will remind us to pray for people that are sick, weak, imprisoned or people that are having difficulties and struggles in their life. We can pray for healing and strength for these people.


The pinky is the smallest finger that we have. This finger will represent yourself, because we are supposed to think of others as better than ourselves. You can pray for God’s direction in your life and that he will give you wisdom. You can also bring requests to him and ask for his blessings on his life.

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