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Peaceful Anchor

anchor object lesson

Key Verse

Galatians 5:22-23

Additional Verses

Philippians 4:6; 2 Thessalonians 3:16; John 16:33

Materials Needed

  • A boat anchor or a picture of an anchor

Object Lesson

(Hold up the anchor)

Can anyone tell me what this is? (Allow for responses). That’s right. But can anyone tell me what it does? (Allow for answers, then explain).

A boat anchor is made to keep a boat from drifting away at sea. The way it works is you would tie the anchor to a long rope that is attached to the boat. When you want to keep the boat secure, you would lower the anchor on the rope down to the ocean floor. It’s really heavy and made of metal so that it sinks in the water easily. These sharp hooks on the anchor dig into the ocean floor and keep the boat from moving.

People use them when they are not sailing in their boats, to keep them near the dock. If they didn’t use an anchor, then when they came to go sailing, their boat wouldn’t be there anymore! Sailors also use anchors in bad stormy weather to keep their boat from drifting off course.

Now, if a boat was using an anchor, you wouldn’t be able to see it, because it is hidden under the water, but you would notice that the boat stays firmly secured.

This anchor reminds me a lot of God’s peace. God’s peace can hold us securely even in the storms of life. When tough times come in your life, and they WILL come, God’s peace can hold you securely. Peace is knowing that no matter what is happening God will never leave you or forsake you. Peace is knowing that even though this world has troubles, we can look forward to being with Jesus in Heaven one day where it is truly peaceful all the time.

When we have God’s peace, other people will notice that we are not worried and bothered by the things that are going on in our lives. Then you can tell them that Jesus is the peace that anchors you.


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All Things Are Possible

All Things are Possible

Key Verse

Matthew 19:26

Additional Verses

Luke 18:27; Luke 1:37; Jeremiah 32:27; Mark 10:27; Philippians 4:13

Materials Needed

  • Rubik’s Cube or similar puzzle


This object lessons uses a very common 3×3 puzzle cube often known as a Rubik’s Cube. The easiest way to do this object lesson is just to show the puzzle and demonstrate how difficult it is. However, if you have time and determination you can actually learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and finish the object lesson with that.

Object Lesson

(Show the Rubik’s Cube.)

Have you ever seen one of these before? It’s called a Rubik’s Cube! It’s basically a puzzle where you try to rotate the pieces so that you end up with each side having only one color on it. It is very difficult to do and many people used to think that it was impossible to solve.

(Demonstrate trying to solve it.)

It seems like the more you twist and turn the pieces the more messed up it gets. You might get ones side fixed, but when you try to solve the next side everything gets messed up again.

In life we often face difficult situations that seem like they are impossible. It can seem like the more we try to fix things and make them better the more messed up it gets. It can be very frustrating and at times we just feel like giving up!

The Bible says in Matthew 19:26 that with God ALL things are possible! It also says in Philippians 4:13 that we can do ALL things with Christ’s help. So we may face all kinds of difficulties and problems, but instead of just trying to fix them ourselves we should pray and ask God for help.

God can and will help us in those situation and He can take even the most impossible situation and work it out.

(If you have a good story about a situation in your life that seemed impossible and God worked it out, here would be a good spot to tell it.)

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Joy From Within

Jump for Joy

Key Verse

Nehemiah 8:10

Additional Verses

Psalm 16:11, Psalm 30:5, Psalms 35:9, Psalm 51:12, Psalm 126:5, Isaiah 35:10, Isaiah 51:11, Isaiah 55:12, Galatians 5:22, 1 John 1:4

Materials Needed

  • Bottle of seltzer
  • Permanent magic marker

Object Lesson

What are some thing that make you happy?  (Give the kids a chance to respond.) People love being happy so they do all kinds of things to make themselves happy.  They go to movies. Go on vacations. Read books. Tell jokes. But happiness is really just something on the outside.

(Draw a smiley face on the bottle.)

If I told you I was going to give you $100 you would probably be really happy. It’s something that happens on the outside that makes you happy. The problem with happiness is that if the things around you aren’t going well you aren’t happy anymore. Maybe instead of me giving you $100 you lose $100 and now you aren’t happy anymore.

(Draw a frown face on the bottle. While you are doing this make sure you shake up the bottle a little so it will spray when you open the bottle.)

In Nehemiah 8:10 we read that Joy is our strength. Joy is something that comes from within.

(Open the bottle and let the water spray out.)

If something good happens to you you may be happy, but you can also have joy inside your heart. Make something bad happens and you are now sad, but you can still be joyful because joy comes from within your heart not from our circumstances. God’s joy is our strength in tough times. We are able to be joyful because we know that God loves us and cares for us and that our names are written in Heaven.

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