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Guard Your Heart

Guard Your Heart

Key Verse

Proverbs 4:23

Additional Verses

Luke 6:45; Matthew 12:34-35; Proverbs 23:19

Materials Needed

  • Blindfold or bandana that you can tie around your eyes
  • Ear plugs, or shooting muffs

Object Lesson

Do any of you have a heart? Of course you do! We wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t have a heart. A lot of times when we talk about our heart though, we aren’t just talking about the organ in our body that pumps blood. We are talking about our emotions and the things that drive us. That is what we are referring to when we tell someone who we love them with all of our heart.

In Proverbs 4:23 it tells us that you need to guard your heart. That means we need to protect it. How can we protect our heart?

(Take out the blindfold and put it over your eyes.)

We can protect our heart by controlling the things that we see. Maybe you have watched a movie that you shouldn’t have? Maybe you saw a picture that wasn’t good. Or maybe you read something that you know didn’t please God. We need to protect our heart by controlling the things that we see. If something comes on the TV that isn’t pleasing to God, we need to put a blindfold on! OK, maybe that wouldn’t work well, but we can change the channel or walk out of the room.

(Show the ear plugs and put them in.)

Do you know what these are? (Wait for a response.) I can’t hear you, you will have to speak up. (Make everyone yell. Then take out the earplugs.) Maybe I should take these out? I can hear you so much better now. We can also protect our heart by controlling the things that we hear. Maybe you hear someone telling a joke or story that is not good, you can just walk away. Or maybe all of your friends like to listen to a certain band of type of music that you know doesn’t please God. Well, you need to control those things and not listen to them!

Why is it so important that we guard our heart? The Bible says that it controls every thing that we do. If we are always watching and hearing things that are bad then it is filling our heart with bad things. If our heart is full with these bad things, that is what will be coming out in our actions and the way we speak, and that does not please God.

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A Joyful Noise

Key Verse

Psalm 98:4

Materials Needed

  • Kazoo or recorder

Object Lesson

(Start the lesson by playing the instrument loudly and not very well).

Do you guys like my song?

No? You mean it’s not the best music that you have ever heard in your life?

Well it’s not the best music that I’ve ever heard either.  I think the kazoo is sort of an obnoxious instrument to listen to.  But even though you didn’t like my song very much, I know that God liked it and that is because I was playing that song on my kazoo to praise Him.

Do you think that God would rather listen to a beautifully written country western song about a dog and a car and a cowboy hat or a song that is out of tune but is sung by someone that is praising Him?  (Allow answers).

Well God’s word says in Psalm 98:4 “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”  Did you notice that verse says to make a joyful “noise” to The Lord?  We don’t have to have the most beautiful voice in the world to be able to praise Him and we don’t have to be the best musician to praise him either.  God looks at our hearts and He wants us to praise him and be joyful when we do it.

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