Great Commission

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Beautiful Feet

beautiful feet

Key Verse

Romans 10:15

Additional Verses

Isaiah 52:7; Nahum 1:15; Ephesians 6:15

Materials Needed

  • Your feet

Object Lesson

How many of you like feet? Do you like how they look? Do you like how they smell? I’m going to show you what my feet look like.

(Take off your socks and shoes and shoe off your lovely feet.) 🙂

Take a look at my feet! Aren’t they SO beautiful? Would you like to smell my feet? (Wait for a response.) I didn’t think so!

Feet are usually not the most beautiful feature of someone’s body. We may think someone has a beautiful face or hands, but we usually think that someone has beautiful feet.

Sometimes feet have fungus. Maybe a foot might have a yellow or black toenail. Some feet have warts or bunions. A lot of feet smell pretty stinky. These things are certainly not beautiful.

Do you know who likes feet? God does! In fact he says that some people’s feet are beautiful! In Romans 10:15 it says that God think your feet are beautiful if are telling people the Good News about Jesus! It doesn’t matter if you have a big wart, a yellow toenail and if they stink like a skunk! God says that your feet are beautiful!

Have you ever told a friend about God? Have you ever invited someone to church? Have you ever helped someone who was in need? Have you ever prayed with someone? God loves it when we do this! God wants us to go and make disciples of all people and tell them about the Salvation we can get through Jesus.

How do your feet look? Does God think your feet are beautiful?

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We Need Each Other

Teamwork Object Lesson

Key Verse

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Additional Verses

Proverbs 27:17; 1 Corinthians 12:20-25; Philippians 2:1-2;

Materials Needed

  • Honey
  • Toothpicks or Popsicle sticks if you want to let people taste the honey

Object Lesson

(Hold up the jar of honey.)

Does anyone know what this is? Would anyone like to have a taste? (Offer small samples of the honey.)

Did you know that bees have to visit over 2 million flowers in order to make one pound of honey?

Honey that is stored in an airtight container will never go bad! Did you know that they found honey in sealed containers in King Tut’s tomb and it was still edible even though it was over 2,000 years old?

Bees have to fly about 55,000 miles in order to make one pound of honey.

But most important is that it takes about 560 bees to make 1 pound of honey. How do you think it would work if one bee decided to fly off on his own and make honey all by himself? Do you think that would be a good idea? Of course not! He would only ever be able to produce a few drops on his own.

In Ecclesiastes 4:9 it says that two people can accomplish more than twice as much as one. That means that we are more effective when we work together as a team. The Body of Christ is supposed to be like a beehive or a team. We are all supposed to work together to accomplish the Great Commission of spreading the Good News about Jesus.

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