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Don’t Be a Glutton

Key Verse

1 Corinthians 9:27

Additional Verses

Galatians 5:22-23; Titus 2:12; Philippians 3:19

Materials Needed

  • Bag of potato chips (Lay’s is best because the slogan is “bet you can’t eat just one.”

Object Lesson

(Take out the bag of potato chips.)

Do any of you like potato chips? What is your favorite kind? (Allow for some responses.) I love potato chips too.

(Open the bag of potato chips and start eating them as you talk).

The problem that I have is when I open up the bag and start eating them, I want to keep eating and eating them until the whole bag is gone. Have you ever done that before? Maybe you are sitting watching a movie and you don’t even realize that you keep eating them and eating them. You finally realize it when they are all gone!

Do you know what the Bible calls that? Gluttony! Being a glutton is when you are not able to control how much you eat.

(Hand out a chip to everyone.)

I am going to give you all a chip, but I do NOT want you to eat it. This is going to take some self-control. Do you know what the slogan of Lay’s potato chips is? “Bet you can’t eat just one.”

(Eat a chip.) Man they are right! It is so hard to eat just one! They are so salty and crispy and taste so good. I just want to eat the entire bag right now! Would you like to eat your chip? (Wait for a response). Nope! Not yet.

In 1 Corinthians 9:27 it says that we should discipline our bodies and keep them under control. It is ok to eat a chip or some good food, but when we get out of control it turns into sin. Are you ready to eat the chip? Not yet!

We need to control ourselves. That means being able to say “NO” to certain things. Maybe it’s food, maybe it is something else that you need to say “NO” to. God wants us to have self-control. It is one of the fruits of the spirit.

Are you ready to eat the chip? OK, let’s see if you can really just eat one.

(Let everyone eat the chip.)

Great job! You only ate one and you practiced self-control!

Love One Another

Love One Another

Key Verse

1 John 4:11

Additional Verses

Galatians 5:22-23; John 13:34; 1 John 4:20; 1 John 4:7-8; 1 Peter 4:8; Romans 12:10

Materials Needed

  • Strawberry. Feel free to bring plenty to pass out.

Object Lesson

In Galatians 5:22-23 we learn about the Fruit of the Spirit. These are things that we should producing when we are living a life following Christ. The first one is talks about is the fruit of Love.

Do you know what love is? Love is when we care for someone more than we care about our own life. In 1 John 4:11 is says that God wants us to love one another because He loves us so much.

(Show everyone the strawberries.)

These are delicious strawberries and today they are going to represent the fruit of love. On Valentine’s Day people will often give someone they love a box of chocolate covered strawberries. Have you ever had a chocolate covered strawberry before? They are delicious!

(Hold up the strawberry so it looks like a heart.)

If you look at a strawberry it kind of looks like a heart we will often tell people that we love them “with all our heart.” God wants us to love Him with all of our heart! He also wants us to love others the same way.

(Take a bite of the strawberry.)

Strawberries are so sweet and delicious. God’s love is sweet, and he wants us to be sweet and loving to those that are around us as well.

God has loved us so much and He wants us to love those around us in return. In 1 John 4:7-8 it says that if we say that we love God but don’t love others then we really aren’t loving God at all. He wants us to love one another.

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Real Fruit or Fake Fruit

By Your Fruit Object Lesson

Key Verse

Matthew 7:16-18

Additional Verses

Matthew 12:33; Luke 6:43; John 15:2

Materials Needed

  • Plastic fruit

Object Lesson

(Hold up a piece of plastic fruit.)

Here I have a nice big piece of juicy fruit! Seeing it makes me want to take a big bite! Would you like to try it? There is a big problem with this fruit though! Do you know what it is? (Drop the fruit so it is obvious that it is fake.) It isn’t real!

That would be pretty disappointing if you were really hungry and ran into your house and tried to take a bite out of this! That wouldn’t be very good at all.

In Matthew 7:17 it says that a good tree is known by good fruit and a bad tree is known by bad fruit. Do you think this fruit is good or bad? I wouldn’t want to eat it because it is fake. Sometimes people try to do things to make others think that they are following Christ and serving Him, but really they are just faking it and they are empty inside. They are not producing real fruit. Maybe you go to church and dress all fancy and sing loudly so others will think that you are close to God, but when you leave church you are mean and unkind to others. Is your fruit real or is it fake?

We need to make sure that the fruit that we are producing is real fruit that brings glory and honor to God and that we aren’t just trying to make ourselves look good.

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