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Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Key Verse

1 Peter 2:21

Additional Verses

Matthew 16:24; 1 Corinthians 11:1-2; Luke 9:23; Mark 8:34

Materials Needed

  • Train set

Object Lesson

(Show everyone the train set.)

Have you ever played with a model train before? Some people get really excited about model trains. They will build elaborate train sets with mountains and towns and train stations. The trains will travel over the mountains and through tunnels and over bridges. Do you know what every train has in common? They always follow their leader!

Have you ever played follow the leader before? (Play a round of follow the leader with everyone following you around the room.)

Trains will always follow their engine. What do you think would happen if one of the train cars decided to not follow the leader engine anymore? (Wait for responses.) It wouldn’t go anywhere! If you were a passenger in that car you would be very upset! A train car is not very useful if it isn’t following its leader.

The Bible says in 1 Peter 2:21 that we have to follow a leader too. Do you know who that leader is? (Wait for response.) That leader is Jesus Christ! We need to follow him with all that we are.

Through the mountains and valleys that we go through in our lives we need to stay close to our leader, Jesus, and follow him wherever he leads. If we decide that we don’t want to follow him anymore we won’t be able to make any progress in our life and our life will not have the meaning and purpose that God has for us.

Let us always remember that Jesus is our leader and that we need to continually follow him wherever we go in our lives.

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Tied to God’s Instructions

God's Instructions Object Lesson

Key Verse

Proverbs 4:13

Additional Verses

Psalm 78:10; Psalm 119:34; Psalm 119:61

Materials Needed

  • Kite with string

Object Lesson

(Hold up the kite.)

Once upon a kite there was a boy who wanted a kite so badly. Every day he would do his chores so he could earn some money. He even went to his neighbor’s house to help them so that he could earn a little bit more.

After a few weeks he had saved up enough money and his mom drove him to the toy store. He walked right over to the kite section and picked out his favorite one. Once he had paid for the kite he went home and quickly began putting it together.

Once it was assembled it was truly a remarkable kite, so the boy ran to a nearby field and the kite gently lifted off the ground. Once the kite started to soar the kite said to itself, “Look at me! I am the most beautiful kite in the whole world!”

The kite began to soar higher and higher but then the kite noticed that there was a string tied to it. The kite said, “Why is this string tied to me? I want to be free! Then I can soar anywhere I want!” So the kite began to tug hard against the string.

Harder and harder the kite pulled against the string until at last it snapped.”I’m free!” the kite squealed as he began to drift on the wind. Before the kite knew what was happening he realized that he was not flying at all, but he was tumbling faster and faster towards the ground. The kite did everything it could to fly higher, but it was no use, and at last it crashed into the dirt with a crack.

A few minutes later the boy came running over and picked up the kite and the broken pieces and said to the kite, “Silly kite, didn’t you know that the string pulling on you want what allowed you to fly? You wanted freedom, but instead it made you crash.”

Imagine that you are like that kite. You are flying higher and higher. God’s Word is like the string that holds you firmly. As long as you stay anchored in God’s instructions by reading and obeying the Word you can soar high. But if you pull and try to break free then we will come crashing down.

Proverbs 4:13 says that God’s instructions is the key to life. We should hold tightly onto His instructions and not try to run from them.

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