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Charged Up

RC Cars

Key Verse

John 4:34

Additional Verses

John 6:38; John 17:4; John 5:30

Materials Needed

  • A remote control car or train
  • Dead batteries
  • New batteries
  • Screwdriver (if needed) to put the batteries in


Begin this lesson with the dead batteries inside the car, but keep the new batteries out of sight.

Object Lesson

Do you guys like remote control cars? (Allow for response).

Me too! It is so much fun to ride them around the yard, through mud puddles and over anthills. Or in the house you can, chase your mom around with them. Who wants to come up here and demonstrate how to drive this car? Now, I need someone who really knows what they are doing. (Choose a student and give them the controller and tell them to drive it. Since the car has dead batteries it obviously won’t work).

What’s the matter? I thought you said you knew how to drive one of these things! Try it again. Does anyone know why this car won’t work? (Allow suggestions).

Ok, some of you think that it might be the batteries, well let’s take a look. (Open the battery cover and show the class that it has batteries).

This car has batteries! But come to think of it, these batteries have been in this car for a long time. Let me see if I have some new ones. (Get the new batteries and put them in the car).

Ok, now why don’t you try to drive this thing? (Allow the student to drive it).

Wow, it’s working! (Have the student take a seat). In John 4:34 (NIV) Jesus tells us My food, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” In this verse, Jesus is not talking about pizza or ice cream or even vegetables. He is talking about spiritual food. He is telling us here, that we need to give nourishment to our souls.

How do you feed your soul? (Allow for answers: reading God’s Word, spending time with God, doing God’s work).

Yeah, our souls are fed when we read the Bible and spend time with God and by telling other people about God and sharing our faith. It’s like our remote control car here. It couldn’t work because it had dead batteries, but when it received the fresh batteries it was able to do anything. Our souls are like that too. We need to keep our souls charged up. We can also keep our souls charged up by doing God’s work which is to point others to Him and to serve others.

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Many Parts, One Potato

Potato Head Object Lesson

Key Verse

Romans 12:4-5

Additional Verses

1 Corinthians 12:12; 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Materials Needed

  • Mr. Potato Head Toy

Object Lesson

Have you guys ever played with a Mr. or Mrs. Potato head.  (Show the toy).

Let’s see how silly we can make him look (start putting the parts of Mr. potato Head in the wrong place).  How does he look now?  (Allow for laughter and let the kids make suggestions as to how to make him look goofy).

Well,that was a lot of fun, but I don’t think that a real body would work very well if it was put together this way. Did you know the Bible calls us Christians “The Body of Christ”?  That means that all of us are supposed to work together to do the work of Jesus.

The Bible tells us in Romans 12:4-5 that there are many different parts of the body of Christ and each of us has an important job to do.  Some of you may become pastors one day, others of you may pray for people and they will be healed.  Some of you are great encourages while others of you may be prophets.  God has also given each of you talents such as music, sports, art, etc.  All of these gifts and talents can help you bring others to Christ.

Now let’s look at Mr. Potato  Head again.  Is there any part he has that is not important or doesn’t help him in some way?  No!  He needs his ears to hear, his mouth to eat and talk.  He even needs his hat to protect his face from getting sunburned and rained on.

It’s he same way with us, the Body of Christ.  We might not all be pastors or we might not all have beautiful singing voices, but we all belong to Christ’s body and we each have important work to do.


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