The Speck and the Plank

Speck and the Plank

Key Verse

Matthew 7:3-5

Additional Verses

John 8:7; Luke 6:41

Materials Needed

  • Piece of sawdust or tiny pebble
  • Log or board

Object Lesson

(Hold up the piece of sawdust.)

Jesus was teaching a large group of people and he asked them why they were so concerned with trying to remove a speck of sawdust out of another person’s eye and totally ignore the big plank that is in your own eye. (Hold up the board in front of your eyes.)

Wouldn’t that be pretty hard to do? Trying to help someone get a small speck out of their eye when you have this large board covering your eyes! You wouldn’t be able to see anything!

Jesus tells them that what they should do is to take the plank out of their own eye and then they will be able to see clearly enough to help the person take out the piece of sawdust.

Do you think Jesus was really talking about sawdust and boards in this verse? No, he wasn’t talking about that. What he was talking about is judging other people. Sometimes we look at other people and we see something wrong with their life, like the piece of sawdust, so we judge and criticize them. We think that they have a problem and then we try to fix it for them. But often times we have an even bigger problem in our own life, the board, and that gets in the way of us helping others.

What we should do it seek God and get the problem out of our life first. Then we can go and help the other person overcome what they face in their life.

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