Submit to God’s Control

Submit to God's Control

Key Verse

James 4:7

Additional Verses

Psalm 37:23; Isaiah 14:27; Hebrew 2:8; Proverbs 19:21; Romans 12:2

Materials Needed

  • Radio control toy (car, boat, helicopter, whatever)

Object Lesson

(Take out the radio controlled car and show it to everyone.)

Have you ever seen one of these before? What is it? (Wait for a response.) Do you have anything that is radio controlled? (Allow them to respond.) Radio controlled cars, trucks, boats and airplanes are so much because because you actually get to control it. You might have other toy cars that you can look at or push around, but when it has a radio control you can do all kinds of cool things with it!

(Put the car on the floor and stare at it.)

Does anyone know what this car is doing? (Wait for a response.) Absolutely nothing!! This car is in control of itself right now and it isn’t going anywhere! Watch what happens when I take control of it! (Drive the car around.)

We are just like this car. When we try to control ourselves we don’t really go anywhere. Instead we should let God have the control and he can lead us, guide us, and direct us where He wants us to go.

In James 4:7 the Bible says that we should submit to God, that means that we let Him control us. (Hold out the radio control and hand it to someone.) That’s like taking this control and giving it to someone and saying, “I want YOU to control the car.” What we are doing when we give God the control is we are saying that we want HIM to control our lives.

When God is controlling our lives through his Holy Spirit then we can know that He will lead us in the best path for our life. Let us give the control of our life over to God today.

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