Faith Like a Mustard Seed

Key Verse

Matthew 17:19-21

Additional Verses

Luke 17:5-7, Romans 10:17

Materials Needed

  • Mustard Seeds

Object Lesson

How much do you think a mountain weighs? Do you think it weighs more than you? Do you think it weighs more than your car? How about more than your house? I bet it weighs WAY more than all of those things combined.

How hard do you think it would be to move a mountain?

You would probably need dynamite, heavy machinery, hundreds of workers and it would probably take years and years to move!

Did you know that Jesus tells us how to move mountains?

(Pour some mustard seeds into your hand and show how small they are).

Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 17:19-21 that if they have faith the size of a mustard seed they could tell a mountain to jump into the ocean and it would! Imagine that! You wouldn’t need dynamite or heavy machinery, it would just jump into the ocean.

Why do you think that Jesus used a mustard seed?  Because it is really small, but it had big potential. It may not look like much but there is a big tree in this little seed

Jesus wasn’t really talking about a real mountain, but he was talking about the obstacles and difficulties that we will face in our life.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of faith to move the mountains in our life.  All we really need if a little bit of faith and God will move the mountains we face.

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