Bursting with Anger

Key Verse

Ephesians 4:6

Additional Verses

Psalm 4:4, Proverbs 14:29, Proverbs 15:1, Ecclesiastes 7:9, Ephesians 4:26-27, Colossians 3:8

Materials Needed

  • 2 Balloons
  • Needle

Object Lesson

Have you ever been angry before? I sure have! (Tell a personal story about when you got angry).

It is so easy for us to get angry when things don’t go just the way we want them to.  Maybe you get angry when someone says something mean to you?  The bible says in Ephesians 4:6 that it is okay to get angry, but it is not okay to sin.

(Take one of the balloons and hold it up)

This balloon is going to represent you.  You wake up in the morning and you are getting ready to go so you go to grab yourself some of your favorite cereal but then you notice that it is all gone!  (Blow up the balloon a little).  Then you get on your bike to take a bike ride and you realize that your tire is flat.  (Blow more into the balloon).  You see one of your friends but instead of greeting you he points at you and starts to laugh.  (Blow it up the rest of the way and then tie it off).

Many times instead of giving their anger to God we let it built up inside of us almost to the point where we feel like we are going to pop.  Then your mom comes and asks your to clean up your room.  (Pop the balloon with the needle).  BAM!  You get mad and start yelling and dishonoring your mother.  You were angry, but not you have exploded and started to sin.

(Take out the other balloon).

Instead of letting it all build up when something bad happened you should give it to God.  (Blow up the second balloon).  Then pray and ask God to help you to handle it better.  (Let all the air out)  Maybe something else gets you upset.  (Blow the balloon up again).  But you remember that God does not want us to sin when we are angry.  (Let the air out again).


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