Leftovers Relay

mashed potato relay

Materials Needed

  • 2 large bowls of mashed potatoes
  • 2 clear Tupperware containers
  • 10 Plastic spoons


Fill two bowls with mashed potatoes and place them on a table. At the other end of the room place the empty storage containers.

How To Play

Here is a fun Thanksgiving-themed relay race where kids will try to fill their leftovers containers up. You will have two teams of five and give each person with a plastic spoon.

When you say “go” the first person in line will use their spoon to take a scoop of mashed potato and run to the container on the other side of the room. There they will deposit their scoop of potato into the container and run back and tag their teammate and then go tot he end of the line. The teammate will then scoop up come mashed potato and do the same thing.

You can give the players 60 – 90 seconds to run this relay.

Once the game is over measure to see who has the most mashed potato in their storage container.

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