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You are the Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

Key Verse

Matthew 5:13

Additional Verses

Mark 9:49-50; Luke 14:34

Materials Needed

  • Salt

Object Lesson

In Matthew 5:13 Jesus says that you are the salt of the earth. How many of you like salt? (Hold up the salt, you can let the kids taste it if you want.)

What is salt good for? (Most kids will say ‘seasoning’ and you can ask them what they season with it.)

Salt is good for seasoning and as followers of God we are to season the world for Him be sharing His love to those around us. If you had a big pile of salt on a steak would it taste very good? Probably not. That’s why Jesus send us out into all parts of the world. He doesn’t just want us to clump together, he wants us to share His love in places that haven’t heard it yet.

What else is salt good for? (Wait for responses.)

How about preserving things? It keeps things from spoiling. Long ago people would preserve meats and foods with salt. You can still buy salt cured meat and fish today. As believers in Christ we are sent to help preserve people from separation from God.

What else is salt good for?

It melts ice! When roads get icy big trucks will go out and spread salt on the roads. Why? Because salt melts the ice and makes it safe to drive. As followers of Jesus he has sent us to help melt the unbelieving hearts of those that are around us.

Anything else?

Well it does help wounds heal faster. Maybe you have heard the saying about “pouring salt into a wound?” People would put salt in a wound because it would kill the bacteria and help the wound heal faster. As Christians we are supposed to comfort those around us and help their wounds heal faster as well.

Salt is pretty amazing and Jesus called us the salt of the earth! But he also says that if salt loses it’s saltiness it isn’t good for anything, so let’s make sure that we never lose our saltiness.

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The Wise and Foolish Builders

Wise and Foolish builders

Key Verse

Matthew 7:24-27

Materials Needed

  • Building blocks
  • Brick
  • Sand bucket full of wet sand
  • Trays
  • Water pitcher full of water


Fill the bucket with wet sand so that when you flip the bucket upside-down and remove it, the sand will retain its shape.  Put this sand onto a tray and put the brick on a tray.

Object Lesson

In Matthew 7:24-27 Jesus tells a story about two people who were going to build some houses.  There was a wise builder and a foolish builder.

(Have a couple helpers come up and help build some houses).

In verse 24 Jesus says “Anyone who listens to his teaching and obeys it is wise Like a person who builds his house on solid rock.”

(Have one person start building a block house on the rock and one person start building a block house on the sand)

Verse 26 says “Anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish like a person who builds his house on sand.”

Jesus is saying that we need to build our lives on the solid foundation of God’s Word.  We need to not only listen to it but do what it says.

The verse tells us that once the houses are built a storm comes. A lot of times in life storms will come and try to knock us down.

(Pour the water on both houses. The one on the rock should stand and the other one should collapse.)

We need to listen to God’s Word and also do what it says. Doing this is building out lives on the firm foundation of God’s Word.

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